Parietal attends Python Brasil 2019 in Ribeirão Preto, SP

This week Parietal is attending Python Brasil 2019 which is the largest Python-centric conference in Latin America. Full of amazing tutorial by some leaders of the Python community including Carol Willing, Luciano Ramalho, Débora Azevedo, Laís Varejão, Lorena Mesa, and Felipe de Morais.

Brendan Collins from Parietal gave a lightning-talk on Datashader which was his first presentation in Portuguese. A million thanks to the organizers and attendees of the awesome event!

Parietal presents at Carto’s Spatial Data Science Conference

Parietal was excited to present Datashader at Carto’s Spatial Data Science Conference as part of interactive workshops hosted at NYU’s Center for Urban Science And Progress (CUSP) in Brooklyn, NY.

For those unfamiliar, Datashader is a rasterization pipeline for automating the process of creating meaningful representations of large amounts of data.  Open-source since inception, Datashader is general enough to apply across many disciplines while also catering to the Spatial Data Science / GIS community.  

With the recent addition of a spatial module, Datashader provides common spatial functionality including zonal statistics, terrain illumination (hillshade), and proximity analysis.

Special thanks to Anaconda, James Bednar, and the HoloViz team for including Parietal in this amazing project.

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Proud to work with Blue Raster & HealthLandscape

Parietal is proud to partner with Blue Raster and HealthLandscape in using Data Science to promote better understanding of health.

HealthLandscape allows health professionals, policy makers, academic researchers, and planners to combine, analyze and display information in ways that promote better understanding of health and the forces that affect it.Learn more by visiting